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Vitalisation of drinking water

The drinking water we consume, appears to be of super quality.

The watercompanies do their best in their way, in order to purify the drinking water. So as you turn the tap, you're expecting lovely drinking water.


Nothing could be further from the truth. Often you find yourself noticing a somewhat strange flavour, so automatically you don't drink so much.

Whereas drinking lots of water is so vital for man and animal.

The solution we present for this, is really very simple and also payable.


Bundled together, fixed to the main watermain.

Taping it together etc. This bundling round the water main produces a 1000 fold action and energy.

The Happiness Harmonizer  takes care that the drinking water is repolarized from negative to positive and protects against all forms of electrosmog.


The 3 harmonizers together take care that the blueprints of among others medicines, cleaning agents, chemicals, etc. are swirled away.


These 4 tubes together take care that your drinking water tastes once again as a mountainstream and is also very healthy. And then you automatically start drinking more.

A nearby farmer asked us for help. Beside there being a lot of electrosmog, the the drinking water tasted truly awful.

He owned a water purification device, which had been a tremendous investment. After fixing the Happiness Harmonizer and the Harmonizers to the water mains, he told us with surprise how wonderful the water now tasted !


And at the same time his cows also enjoyed lovely healthy water.

Everywhere these 4 tubes are fixed to the water mains, it immediately turns into lovely water.

Taking a shower becomes a sensation, as the water feels very soft and energetic. In a painting factory these 4 tubes take care among others, that all the employees were able to drink lots of lovely water.

Coffee and tea therefore also acquire a far more agreeable  taste. And the electrosmog no longer has an influence on the drinking water.

At a very agreeable cost your living comfort is transformed and radiates rest. The price for this complete set: € 415,00

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