Detox Combi Extra Generator inflammations large

  • Detox Combi Extra Generator inflammations large

Detox Combination Extra, inflammations

The Detox Combination Extra is a very ingenious 2 in 1 device. The Detox Combination Extra contains
the following frequencies: relaxation, parasites, fungi and bacteria etc. for detoxification (kidneys,
liver and lymph vessels) and the special frequencies against inflammations.
All our devices contain an infra-red light and a Mobius loop. This makes the Rife Hertz frequencies
stronger and energetically more powerful.
If someone suffers from persistent inflammations, this device is recommended
The instructions for use are very simple. Just switch on the device with the magnet. The Detox Combi
automatically passes all the Rife frequencies.
You can put the Detox Combi Extra on your bedside table at night, or if You like it you can lay down
the Detox Combi next to you during the day.
Many people felt calmer and fitter after a short time

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