Happiness Harmonizer candle

  • Happiness Harmonizer candle

This beautiful large glass energy tube brings rest and harmony in your home and office.By giving off a swirling energy it cleanses and relieves you of all sorts of radiation(eg.UMTS,voltage,terrestrial,radiationetc.)The results meanwhile are considered more than positive.Animals,plants and people are feeling more balanced and find greater peace in their daily lives which means that their bodies are more relaxed.Various people have been able to describe what they’ve been feeling:One felt a loving warmth flow through him while another saw colors radiating from the glass candle.Another heard loving sounds.Yet another felt the tension sliding off her body after coming home.


Put this glass candle in your home and be surprised.Alternately you can immerse the happiness harmonizer in a dish of water and drink from the water.


Get more joy out of life!!


The working of this glass candle will cover approximately 8-10 meters all round.

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