Happy Feeling Globe

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Happy Feeling Globe
A glass globe containing water with healing frequencies.This leads to inner happiness.A sense of tranquillity, being in touch with the inner self, flow,intimacy and extended stability. Feeling connections and an abundance of love from your heart, along with visual colours. These expressions are from people who literally took the glass globe in their own hands.
You can place the globe afloat in a jog of water and drink this purified water,experiencing its cleansing power throughout your body.At night you can place the globe safely next to your pillow and feel it emanating its tranquillity.The globe has numerous uses and all to be felt with the heart.A highly recommended combination is the globe and Feel Good Generator and Happiness Harmonizer.Together they heighten and complement each other in 
the highest positive level.This leads to more zest and motivation in your life while feeling energized and at one with yourself.Your animals will also benefit from these products. Experience by users have shown us the following reactions:
- The birds are a lot happier and peaceful.
- The dog was so relaxed he lay on his back.
- The cats who had been through such a nasty time don’t wet the floor anymore but now use their own bins or go outside.
- A cow who was so tense her milk production stopped and she is now producing again.
- Nervous horses became calm and relaxed within a very short time.
This all produces excellent results with the Feel Good Generator.

Stories people tell us:

Birds have become quite happy and calm.Our dog became so relaxed that he started lying on his back. 
Traumatized cats no longer pee on the floor but once again in the rumble or outside.A cow no longer yielding milk has resumed producing milk.Stressed-out horses became manageable once again within a short time.Allow yourself and your family and your pets this small healing globe.



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