Balance Harmonizer narrow

  • Balance Harmonizer narrow

Violet Ocean, Balance Harmonizer

Our two designs, just like all our other glass, spirals and globes, are miracle workers. We can easily say to you: “Expect a miracle”.

During the course of time, it has become clear to me and many others that these magnificent objects can give your life a positive direction.
As many of you are aware, everything in this material world is nothing more than energy, with a specific frequency for all individual objects. This energy is vital.
Events such as an accident, stress, divorce or a life-changing experience can disturb an individual’s energy balance and distort the frequency.These disturbances to our systems are invasive and manifest themselves in the weakest areas of the body, causing emotional pain and imbalances.
The tubes and spirals contain an energy field which can channel into every living organism, plant, animal and human, contributing to the healing process and resetting the energy frequency.By experimenting with these spirals, you can enjoy the rewarding experience of better tasting food and feel how quickly pain can be resolved. This is also a fantastic method to use during sports or your work-out. You will feel more energy and sleep better.
- Place the big Balance Harmonizer in or next to your grocery shopping for 15 to 30 minutes.

- Place the horizontal Harmonizer in your bed or hold it in your hands regularly during the day.
Findings and reactions:
The Balance Harmonizer helps with headaches. I have placed the Harmonizer next to one of my dying plants and it is starting to bloom again.
In ten minutes i had a new bruise and the swelling was practically gone thanks to using the Balance Harmonizer.

I have only good things to say about the Balance Harmonizer and those i know feel likewise.The Balance Harmonizers get rid of pain and are fantastic for treating burns and bruises. In the beginning the pain is quite strong but very quickly subsides.
I bought the Balance Harmonizer out of curiosity: it really helps with healing burns and cuts. With abdominal pain, it helps to relax the stomach muscles in less than a minute. The Balance Harmonizer worked very well on my sick rabbit. I found it quite spectacular in the 
treatments of cuts, within 5 to 10 minutes.
My wife had a sore throat and after two 15 minute sessions holding the Balance Harmonizer to her throat, it cleared. An acquaintance of ours had knee problems. The pain had subsided after a one hour treatment with the Balance Harmonizer.

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