Innerpeace Amulet

  • Innerpeace Amulet
  • Innerpeace Amulet

Innerpeace Amulet. “A beautiful glass pendant”.
The name says it all,“Inner Peace”.Those who achieve this are truly lucky.Feel the peace and love streaming into your heart,soul and everywhere filling you with deep positive emotions.
You will feel more aware of the current of light circulating around you as well as feeling re-energized in you body and soul.
During meditation you will learn how to develop the senses of your soul andtherefore be more aware of expressing the inner life of the soul within.
Open yourself up to the colour,sun and music in your heart with the help of the Inner Peace Amulet.Celebrate your life and radiate this joy to those around you,enlightening your 
path with harmony.

Findings and reactions:
A man who started wearing the Amulet:I had a dream. In the dream I was wearing a rucksack with those wide straps.I was struggling with the burden of this rucksack because I couldn’t remove it,no matter what I tried. Eventually,after much effort, I got rid of it.Once I woke up,I felt very well.I put it down in the Amulet,which brings great peace to my life.
“A while ago I started wearing the Inner Peace Amulet and this gives me a warm and secure feeling.It was most noticeable this week, when I got up and felt so fantastic,my heart was singing although there was no real reason for it.In an instant I realised I had worn the Inner Peace Amulet all night! Now I wear it constantly,night and day”.

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