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Vitality and health: the basis for a perfect life 

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Dr. Hulda Clark graduated with distinct honours and is a researcher and scientist with a good record. She did pioneering work in, among other things, the field of fighting all kinds of illnesses, including cancer. She is also the author of a number of books such as the Cure Yourself Handbook, Cure of all Cancers and Cure of HIV and Aids.
According to Dr. Clark, illnesses and/or diseases are caused by overloading the body with parasites, bacteria and pollution caused by harmful substances. Her research confirms that these parasites, bacteria and other invaders can be eliminated from the human body in a simple manner. Dr. Clark uses electrotherapy and herb therapy to realise this elimination. She developed a special method to kill a host of parasites and other invaders by means of frequencies (electrotherapy). The device that generates these frequencies is called the 

The development of the Swing Zapper

Today's technology is developing fast and it enables us to produce even better and more effective equipment. The new Swing Zapper 2007 features the latest technology and knowledge. We will give you a 2-year guarantee on this Zapper. 

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