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The Silvermaker is an amazing,cleverly designed device that enables you to make your own colloïdal silver solution.The Silvermaker is simple and easy to use.This interesting-looking device incorporates a recent technological advance which allows you to make colloïdal silver solution,a process which,until recently,was not possible. Let yourself be surprised!

Read this instruction booklet before you begin.
Unpacking and Checking
Take the Silvermaker and the silver electrodes out of the packaging.If the electrodes are bent,you can easily bend them straight again.
Setting Up
Insert both silver electrodes in the connectors on the bottom of the Silvermaker.Then test the battery by immersing the electrodes in a glass of water.When the light goes on, the battery is loaded.The Silverma er is now ready for use.
Making Colloïdal Silver
Making colloïdal with the Silvermaker is very simple.
1 The First step is to decide which water you wish to use.
2 The second step is to pour the water into a tall glass or jar.
3 The third step is to make the colloïdal silver by placing the Silvermaker on the glass and immersing the electrodes in the water.
4 For internal use, use only distilled water to make the colloïdal silver.
If the Silvermaker is used correctly,the particles of colloïdal will be less than 0.005 micron in size.Follow the instructions to obtain the best results.
Water! Important!
In order to make the finest colloïdal silver possible with your Silvermaker,the 
quality of the water is of utmost importance.The Silvermaker is made to be used with distilled water!Osmotically filtered or ionized water that has been treated with the Silvermaker is less suitable for internal use,if at all.However,it is suitable for external use.Even distilled water from the pharmacist can sometimes produce differing results.Not every kind of distilled water is capable of producing the small particles that are necessary to obtain the best result.Try different brands of distilled water or purchase your own water distillation apparatus.You can request information about this subject from Violet Ocean, or 0031527202511.The Silvermaker can of course make colloïdal silver in every type of water.You can make colloïdal silver in tap water in order to sterilize the water,or you can use the water as a homemade disinfectant,to clean the shower or toilet for instance.
Colloïdal Silver consists of very small silver particles.
- Pour a litre of distilled water into a glass jar,place the Silvermaker in the jar and immerse the electrodes in the water.
- The light will now go on,which means that the Silvermaker is working.It is important that the electrodes are immersed almost completely in the water.
- If the light does not go on,this means the battery is dead and must be replaced.
- Set a timer for 60 minutes(the amount of time needed to make the colloïdal silver).
- After 5 to 10 minutes,shine a strong light through the glass to see if a cloud of particles is visible,then briefly swirl the water in the jar.
- The particle cloud may be visible as a gold/silver colour in the water;if this occurs,the quality of the solution is at its best.If the particle cloud appears white, grey or silver-coloured,then the quality is still good.
- Never use a metal or plastic jar.If you do,the silver will lose its strength
- Do not let the silver electrodes touch each other, otherwise this will drain the battery.
Changing the Battery
Using a Phillips screwdriver,unscrew the screws of the battery compartment.Take off the lid, and remove the 9 volt battery from the holder.Carefully remove the battery clip from the battery, without pulling on the strings.Push the battery clip onto the new battery,and place this back in the battery compartment.Replace the lid,and screw the screws back in.
There is no point in making a stronger solution by leaving the Silvermaker in the water longer than necessary.If you do this,the silver particles will coagulate.It is better to have an effective collo dal silver solution,than one which is less effective because there is too much silver in it.
After 60 minutes a smooth substance will appear on the electrodes.Carefully remove the electrodes from the glass and clean them immediately with a cloth or sponge.Do not use cleaning products or cleansers.Then stir the water with a wood or plastic spoon or spatula.
The colloïdal silver solution may be transparent,and may change colour slightly if you hold it next to a light.You now have a fantastic product in your hands which,before 1940, cost 10.000,- guilders a litre.Not only that,the quality of your solution is much higher than was available then.One teaspoon of this solution contains approximately 15 micrograms of silver,the amount often in daily use.Immediately after use,you must clean the electrodes with a soft cloth in order to remove the deposit. Corrosion that remains can be removed with a soft scouring pad.Never use silver polish or similar products to clean the electrodes;these can leave behind a toxic residue.Interchange the electrodes regularly,because one electrode dissolves faster the other one.The Silvermaker makes colloïdal silver by means of an electrolytic process,in which the electrodes release micro-particles of silver into the distilled water.
New electrodes are available by Violet Ocean.
A few suggestions
You can use colloïdal silver as a disinfectant for doing the dishes,in laundry water,for disinfecting your toothbrush,toilet, shower and shower curtain,etc.,etc.You can also add a few drops or a splash to the drinking water for your pets,or to water for your plants,aquarium,etc.
- The Silvermaker is not a medical device.
- The amount of silver can only be determined by means of a laboratory test.
- Seek professional help for serious medical problems.
- The manufacturer is not responsible for improper use.
- Use at your own risk.
- Keep away from children.
Important information
The technical information concerning this product comes from Dt. Beck and his 
research into the production of colloïdal silver.Dr. Beck has released a great deal of important information concerning effective devices.
We wish you success with your Silvermaker.


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