The Life Field Polarizer Series 3

  • The Life Field Polarizer Series 3

The Life Field Polarizer is a meticulously designed oscillation antenna system that absorbs, inverts and regroups an unlimited range of wavelengths and emits harmonic energy. It protects and optimizes biological systems and all life forms.

The growing demand for stronger, more effective, simpler, and inexpensive suppressor systems poses a continuous challenge for the manufacturers of these systems. We are well aware of the fact that some people are unable to comprehend that such a simple system could possibly be so effective. For that reason, we offer a money-back guarantee within one month of purchase, as long as the product is still in perfect condition. We have years of experience (more than 15 years) in this field, and we like to share that experience with you. 

Most people are familiar with the fact that harmful radiation is generated by microwave chains, microwave ovens, television sets, fluorescent tubes, TV and radar stations, microwave transmission masts, towers, radio and telephone equipment, especially deck telephones, computers, the power grid, and tools and equipment powered by alternating current. A great deal of available information confirms that a polarizer is even capable of neutralizing irritating radiation in food, water and other beverages.

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