Polarizer Antenna Serie 3

  • Polarizer Antenna Serie 3

To optimize your home, living and working environment. 

Area Polarity Research 

Be wise and polarize terrestrial radiation, electrical stress and other influences. 

at is the Polarizer Antenna?

The Polarizer antenna is an antenna system which absorbs, bundles, regroups, inverts an unlimited wide range of wavelengths and re-broadcasts them. It protects biological systems –all forms of life-from harmful radiation, caused by microwave radiation, microwaves, televisions, fluorescent tubes, TV-and radar stations, microwave masts, radio-television and X-ray equipment, computers, the mains, equipment and devices powered by AC motors. It neutralizes annoying radiation that is stuck in food, water and other drinks. Besides the normalization of electro-magnetical and terrestrial radiation, it also supplies the aura of biological systems by removing inhibiting vibration in their electrical fields. 

What is the shape and size of the polarizer of all forms of life?

The Polarizer is a isolated box with a fixed antenna. The dimensions are: width 11 cm, height: 28 cm. It doesn’t need energy, its life is unlimited and one doesn’t have to install or service it. Never open the screw at the bottom. You will damage the system of the antenna which is filled with carefully selected crystal powders. 

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