Collodial silver 1000 ml.

  • Collodial silver 1000 ml.

High Energy Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Silver Essence is produced using a unique process. But the principle is a simple one: the smallest pure silver particles are shot loose with a bipolar multi-frequency power resonance system.
This unique process creates a colloidal solution that is highly refined and high-energy. The process is completed with the addition of a couple of percentage points of gold. Gold strengthens the immune system.

This refined method gives you an especially high quality pure colloidal silver featuring a broad spectrum of multi-frequencies as also found in nature. A kind of lightning discharge takes place between the pure silver electrodes in the distilled water. That breaks off the silver particles which are then suspended in the liquid. 

The container is made of energising violet glass, which has special qualities (see violet glass). You should not throw these bottles away: you can use them for water or other products. 

It has been known for a long time that the result is determined not by the number of PPM, but by a combination of that and how it is made and packaged. That has completely done away with the discussion about whether the skin can be discoloured. 

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