Schumann Generator 2013 Large

  • Schumann Generator 2013 Large
  • Schumann Generator 2013 Large
  • Schumann Generator 2013 Large

Schumann Generator

“Healing is a regulating and restoring process”

Dr. Pularch, Physician.



Our planet earth operates in a natural ELF-signal area with an average between 7 and 9 Hertz.Research on animals has shown that when this natural frequency is changed during a given space of time, reproducing and other systems of the body are influenced immediately. It is important to know that if one measures the natural frequency-emission of the human brains in a room that is closed to all kinds of ELF-influences,the brain signals (Alfa waves) are identical to the frequency which is sent by mother earth(Schuman-frequency).Recent Research has shown that people who are working behind a screen or sleeping on a waterbed/under an electric blanket/ next to an electric alarm clock or other electric interference sources are very liable to fall ill,are more restless or become over-sensitive.

Research shows that especially pregnant women should avoid these circumstances because they risk a miscarriage. 


One cannot hear, see, smell or taste it (but it is measurable)! Still we often are imperceptibly over-Loaded by this Extremely Low Frequencies ( between 1 and 60 Hertz) for a long time.

The past 30 years the electronic pollution has increased a million times.Think of the portable phones,the television,the power lines,neon-and halogen lightning and radar. These are all sources that can overload our brain that works like a radio receiver. Restlessness, agitation stress,overactive children and discomfort are known to us.The Schuman or earth frequency is no longer strong enough to neutralize all these oppressing influences.


The Schuman Generator is a simple and also ingenious appliance which transmits the Schuman frequency.The appliance is fed by a 9 voltage battery (that will work for weeks) which allows you to take it everywhere.Despite all the research that has been done into these matters I carried out experiments for one year before I wanted to make mention of this.


It is really worthwhile to experience how important the Schuman frequency is.It sets a person’s mind At rest,gives one a sense of well-beingchildren quiet down and are able to concentrate better.One’s night’s rest returns and you wake up rested.Pains often disappear and you feel more vital.When you put a glass of wine or a cup of coffee next to or on the Schuman Generator you will taste,mostly after a few minutes,that the taste has changed.Take the generator to noisy meetings,or when you have to have a difficult business conversation.Put it in the room in which you are working.The Schuman Generator is used to undo houses of geospatial stress and/or electro stress.


We have been able to develop the Schuman Frequency Generator thanks to the research of Dr. Andrija Puharich,Nikola Tesla,Moebius and Schuman.Read the following article that has been inserted in the authoritative magazine P.A.C.E. which provides you with important information.The Moebius spindle that has been put into the Schuman Frequency Generator has proved to be extremely effective.


Schuman Frequency Generator, Teslar Instrument.


The technology of the Teslar instrument has been developed by Dr. Andrija Pulharich in the United States of America,from ’76 till ’84. He did research on the dangerous effect of  low-tension electromagnetic radiation and also on the radiation that is liberated from several poisonous chemicals, sometimes with a so called dark-field microscope (with a resolution of 15 nanometers, or 15 Angstrom on a enlargement of 140.000 times), developed by Gaston Naessens from Sherbrook, Quebec (Canada). His observations in vivo have shown that some frequencies have been able to stop the noxious cell growth effectively.A beneficial frequency is the resonance-vibration of the earth-magnetic field, of nearly 8 Hz, which stimulates the recovery-process.Dr Pulharich described the recovery as a regulating and recovering process on biological systems.


The Schuman Frequency Generator with mobius loop ( with an infra-light, light frequency, extra powerful) 


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