Feel Good Generator Large

  • Feel Good Generator Large
  • Feel Good Generator Large
  • Feel Good Generator Large

Feel Good Generator
The name says it all: Feel Good!This instrument has a soothing and relaxing effect due to the emission of particular frequencies.These hertz frequencies are similar to our brain wavelengths.
- Bèta - Thinking
- Alfa - Relaxation
- Thèta - Deep Relaxation
- Delta - Sleeping

Psychiatrist Arthur janow explains in one of his books that the human brain mainly produces theta-waves up to the age of six.Afterwards only few beta-waves.As one gets older your brain produces many beta-waves and only a small percentage of alpha-waves.   

According to one article the brain of the average person produces roundabout 70 percent beta- waves and a mere 30 percent alpha-waves.
This depends on what the person is doing. If one listens quietly, talks and thinks calmly, your brain produces more alpha-waves than if one gets irritated, becomes agitated about something, is afraid of something, as for instance during an exam, during a job interview or a visit to the dentist.

Another study  indicates that MBO students, both hyperactive ones aswell as day-dreamers, almost exclusively produce beta-waves.This is one of the reasons they find it difficult to concentrate.

By learning how to relax, combined with abdominal breathing, good food and sufficient sleep, the brains of these particular students start producing fewer beta-waves and more alpha-waves.Thus allowing them to concentrate better and their study results will actually  start to improve.

The mainly apha- and theta-waves produced by this bioresonance unit, induce a feeling of deep relaxation for man and animal.The more relaxation is present, the less disease will affect your health.Wear this Feel Good Generator on you, place it near your bed or within a space of roughly six meters (18 feet) round you.

The Feel Good Generator may be used for everyone, but in particular for:

Hyperactive children or adults.

In cases of "burn out",

Sleeping badly,

Fear and anxiety,

Agressive behaviour.

Or for man or animal who want to relax more speedily.

The Feel Good Generator is a beautiful facilitator in cases of breathing exercises, yoga and meditation.This new edition is even more accurate and therefore operates even more efficiently ! 

The Feel Good Generator is a marvellous support during breathing exercises,hyoga and 
meditation.Enjoy your new Feel Good Generator with its infrared lamp.And the newest element, a special mobius ribbon.

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