About Violet Ocean

"From now on Violet Ocean has a label '

A poem written for the Violet Ocean.

The world lovely people,
look good and give your sweet smile.
If people are going to help each other more,
real help from your heart.
Do you see a flower joyful child the animal, things that do not you first saw.
Help with love just because you feel that way,
that makes hearts warm,
which is like the divine intended.
By flowing and go with the flow,
happen more and more miracles.
People laugh see what hearts are warm,
look around you and see the light, the sun shines.
Then you feel love and everyone is equal.
Because love does shine, make nice, and people look so happy.
That makes the world soft
then there will be peace and a new world is near.
God created people, all with a divine spark.
See the beauty in each other,
give each other love, let go of that fear.
The time for sharing and share love,
that's the only thing you need to do.
With each comes peace
and nobody is poor, but rich in heart.
So love love and love
lovely people,
Peace is so special.

Marianne Cardinaal


We want all of you to explain more clearly, we can help.

Usually the relief begins inquiry on the phone, you can help us.

Sometimes it is private or a business or a farm. Thus begins the project.

Most of the aid we offer through the phone.
We give energetic healings, scanning energetic home, business etc.
Together we discuss what kind of products they want.
You get a plus, plus, situation, as we call it.
Because often in history, there are many things happened and the place, for example, to live there, feels too heavy.

And also a great cause, electrosmog, all together, gives deep unrest.

We continue caochen people, so you can easily go over the bump.
Soon, in the range, the quieter and find oneself again.

What we recommend for basic package for the Electro Smog:
1 Happiness Candle / Spiral
1 Protect tube
1 schumann Generator

For only 500 euros you have a very good protection against electrosmog.
With our buy back guarantee of 2 months course.

For a farm or other larger projects, we will personally 1st time visit.

Together, we are talking about where the problems are and how we can help.

What e.g. for a farm is needed:
Happiness Harmoniser Candle
 Schumann and Big Generator Big Cattle Generators.Natuurlijk everything according to provide the size of the boerderij.Natuurlijk we here too energetic healings and energetic scan.
By the time we stay here coachen.Voor everyone has adequate assistance.
For the healings we give, people can make a donation for our foundation. It brings Heaven Foundation.
With this money the foundation we have already helped a malaria project.
We help the foundation DOEDERTOE from GRONINGEN.
People who have nothing, we provide products and healings from our hearts.


Happiness Harmonizer, candle, spiral and scoop (radiation)
Schumann generator (earth frequency)
Feel good generator (Alpha and Theta brain frequencies)
Happy Feeling scoop of love and relaxation
Harmonizer for purification of water
Balance Harmonizer (narrow and wide) for pain and nutrition
Inner Peace Amulet for inner love and harmony
This is a small summary of our wonderful products. Everyone associated with our products comes into contact sits better in his / her skin and functions better, also on his / her work.

A woman close to a

mast had lived eg severe symptoms caused by this radiation in the home, such as heart rhythm disorders, anxiety, eczema, fatigue and dizziness. We have given the protectors Harmonizer and the Schumann frequency generator for the earth are in the house. She is now on her symptoms and can lead a normal life.

We feel intuitively where to sit blockages and reverse negative radiation into a radiant consciousness. Our workshops are increasingly visited. Delicious that it is possible with what we provide for humans and animals there is a piece of healing is put into operation. Are there any questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page.
We send love from our hearts.

Marianne Cardinal and Elizabeth Bleeker