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A kind of First Aid kit.

We wish to share the following with you:
People who use our products, do not all react in the same way.

We have learned that using a product entails a whole process, which one has to deal with.

Once you start using our products, a process of repolarisation takes place. In your own body, in your home and workplace.

Sometimes supportive healing is needed, in order to facilitate the process.

People and animals start a detoxifying process and can become therefore more emotional.

This process can easily last six months, before starting to feel different. We always support this process if requested and discuss it whenever necessary.

When a location is burdened by some historical past, it is wise to introduce a healing. Often a child is able to sleep peacefully again and is no longer afraid. A cow is willing to stand on a certain spot again, that she shunned before, etc.

We also adapt the money back warranty for each person and are very lenient in this respect. One person is not like another and also with animals it may take a while longer. 

An nice dog.

Nice if you bring get what you asked for help, and get accepted.
Tache comes naturally after eating in the mwo.
She had surgery on the spleen weighing 5 kg.
She loves the mwo since she had demodex and cure demodex especially in mwo with the antennas.
There she goes directly between lie even though she is not sick.
I also give her now colloidal silver 2x a day.
She also has a lot of rest and sleep a lot, but once I'm going to awake out of the room and she wants to follow me. March 15 she is 13 years old.
Lots of love,
Tache and Athena

Protect Harmonizer

"Received by customers of our" nice to hear and experience that the dog is now much better and quieter became @protechtectbuisjemooinieuws
Yesterday we had a dog on consultation which appears to suffer in the measurement of electrosmog. Especially the DECT phone (cordless phone) at home. This affects vitality of brains and nervous system with all kinds of complaints as a result. With a shielding tube 'to the right' frequency 'on the collar is a dog continuously protected. Symptoms disappear and stay away below! I've gained here many good experiences. If you are interested in this topic can a previous newsletter on this subject can be requested from me.
This sweet girl has a nativity scene made of our packaging materials.
And very nice take a picture and sent to us.
These pictures we got from a dear woman who specially made for us.

"With the following"
See yourself as a golden sunburst
Yes, you're real!
Even beyond the clouds
and after the rain, it seems
the sun for you
To be happy ,
is your birthright.
With heartfelt thanks to the ladies
Without you I would never saved
Our Schumann Generator.
Our Schumann generator is increasingly used, if one suffers from electro-smog.
The Schumann tapped into makes your house and yourself more aard.Een wife asked for our help, because by electrosmog, she was completely off its balance sheet. She suffered from oorsuisingen and could occasionally but have a half day somewhere toe.Wij supported her with healing and continued to progress, with the Protect tube and the Chakra balance tube and Schumann Generator.Nu after a while were the oorsuisingen away and they can be anywhere to go again. Without incredibly tired zijn.De Schumann Generator she now calls her boyfriend and takes it everywhere.
Our Schumann Generator has a Mobiuslus and infrared light, which tapped into energy versterkt.Er are many types and sizes on the market and already tried many.
However, it has now been found that these Schumann the strongest has
come out of te bus.

Cattle Generator 1  2013 Groot

Schumann Generator

Another example.
A farmer in the earthquake area, was here much unrest in cows ontstaan.Wij advised a large generator Schumann in his stable to leggen.Al he could experience more rest after a short time and the cows went again just their way. In animals you can see it always soon or what doet.Al our generators are available in two maten.In consultation we get there or out together what is best at that moment.Bijvoorbeeld in a paint factory where we m help eyes, a large generator nodig.De Schumann Schumann generator is also often included in the auto.Door many electronics in the car, a trip is often unnecessarily tiring. The Schumann generator goes much rustiger.Op schools provide the Schumann Generator lots of peace, here we have regular experiences.
The children are then just turn himself and the lady has fun in teaching and is no longer so tired thuis.Bij stables provide the generator rest and the horses can again thrive and do not get as much kwaaltjes.Electrosmog is often a great cause .Vaak stand next to store a large zendmanst and in the stables Wifi.
If we can help with, you'll soon see again stable worden.Dieren things happy, farmer blij.Hier we do it for.
We want experiences to share with you about the statement:
Measuring is knowing.
If this is so, and where this is based on.
If a therapist will measure and he is quite tired, you get a distorted beeld.Het is in fact very important, that you can make yourself quite empty for a meting.Ook to clean the room when someone has been noodzakelijk.Je can imagine, you have just one measured with a severe flu and you go on to the next, that measurement are coloured. Er is often measured by the Biotensor or Shuttle and many other measurement you do not methodes.Als good about yourself you can now once not measure good and pure.
Often there are therapists with a lot of tension, which measure this also to their clients. This can be a distorted picture geven.Het is very important to listen carefully to your feelings, you unload and then feel what the other needs heeft.Meditatie is a good remedy, by resting in

yourself, you can pass it.

Happiness Harmonizer Kaars

Happines Harmonizer 

Eelctrosmog is a big cause of his illness, in people now.If someone measured it seem these values ‚Äč‚Äčthan what comes out, just in Lyme. Symptoms fatigue, stiffness, do not sleep enz.Maar by someone than to treat Lyme, happens not so much and get away from the wijs.Laten hereby we help each other and together we are then a little wiser
A sweet message from a man who is very happy how he is in life.
Dear All
After a while, having used the tubes and devices, Violet Ocean.
Along with eating protocol of Weston Price.
And consume everything in moderation, either consuming less.
Can I now have a whole tablet Antidepresieva less.
I now feel a lot more and get back my own home independently clean.
Especially the big Relax Generator has done me a lot.
Despite my illness Schizifrenie, I now have a healthy and happy life.
Liesbeth and Marianne thanks.
Tale of two sisters from Heerenveen.
We got a call from an elderly woman from Friesland, she had read a newspaper article about us and wanted to know what we did and what it did.
They inhabited an apartment and her sister in an apartment next haar.Of we wanted to get along with our products, was her question.
Yes, of course, and we with our crate of stuff to their toe.Daar arrived we saw across the flats, a life-size transmission tower, which caused a lot of electrosmog there. Area strangely cold and therefore felt.
The sisters welcomed us very warmly and given equal koffie.Ja sleeping they did do both, but they get some stiff and do not properly relax. Previously they lived in the countryside so immersed in nature and had no problems van.Maar what is now, how it is now.
Our products put on the table and the sisters began to feel what did it all, well the Protect tube, felt very comfortable, I get it hot van.Haar face immediately started to relax more and got more color. The Happiness Harmonizer they both had a good feeling and the Schumann Generator that they wanted the same. Goh said one sister, I love your stuff. I want to hear no more lost and take it when I travel.
What a nice solution you and what a good job you zo.Na a while we went out again and said goodbye to our sisters with great kindness.
At home we called right back to the sisters that we had arranged for an energetic healing for them and the house.
The next day called again, they both said that they had slept better and felt much happier. Yes here we go with me and we are glad mee.Binnen short they were going to go with a boring trip with, now the Schumann generator and Protect tube just you know!
An experience of a mother. February 2014
A woman called, said she had problems with her child.
He was very busy, wanted nothing more, he took life very seriously and that a child of about 8 jaar.Zij really wanted to help but how and what.
What is now proved, they live in an area, right in the Netherlands, where many cell towers stand on radio and telvisie etc .. In many home WiFi, DECT phone and at school also all the trimmings and electrlonische blackboards. Then you can as a human being be really strong, and stay healthy.
So I recommended a Harmonizer Happiness at home and a tube to protect her and her son. A Schumann generator to school and for both Feeling Well Drops.
For the jug a Harmonizer, this has all the blueprints of medicines and cleaning products out of the water, so you can again drink water mountain streams.
The Schumann is an earth and tapped into the Happiness Harmonizer Poold the energy iv.m. the elctrosmog and protect the tube is a personal protection against electrosmog.
Here I wished they all have started and also had an energetic healing gevraagd.De next day called back again, and sure enough everything felt calmer and much lighter geslapen.Twee weeks later called back and given several healings and their home, yes indeed, life is now anders.Haar son takes the Schumann generator and Protect tube to school and evening back home. What another boy, much happier there liever.Maar a while later they called, what was now their son did not want to join the Schumann generator. What appeared now, the batteries were empty !!!!!!!. New batteries it done and their son walked back mee.Deze family is happy that they have bought our products and feel again lovely chin house and school

Innerpeace AmuletInner Peace Amulet

An experience of a customer in January 2014
Hello Elizabeth and Marianne
Firstly it was a very nice workshop, I enjoyed it and come again.
I want to thank you for healing and for the wonderful charm.
Marianne you had at the amulet ;, a beautiful story about letting go and gradually solve your problems, and this by the amulet. Now I have the following dream.
I saw myself with a backpack, a very old-fashioned that I can saving memories me n my og his time. Previously also used by school children and which they called pimple. I have in my dream to do a lot of effort to get it back, after a decent wrestling match, it was really a struggle, I have stripped me of the ding.Na say liberation, I felt very happy and had idea that I could again move freely.
I was saying but as light as a feather and incredibly happy that I had lost the backpack. I could dream the next morning still very good Saving memories, it was as if it had really happened, and thought then that I must share with you, so here it is. I'm very curious about what is perhaps even more will happen.
With best regards,

at the farm
The Violet Ocean we have yesterday (19 April) at a farm (above Groningen) was under this "Martha" cow is 15 years old .She was born 15-1-1999 to Groningen.Zij is 2nd cow on their company's limit of 10,000 kg fat and protein gehaald.Op this business we help all three years with our producten.De cow got a wreath around his neck and the farmer got a nice present.

foto van Violet Ocean.

Subject: poems mem (Feb 2014).
best Marjan
Thanks for the beautiful poems, you can put it into words.
But that song for me is just too much.I am just an ordinary person, who does her best to do just get everything to go home and elkaar.Dus, for us ordinary people, but do not exaggerate.
Lucie vd Weij freeze
Goodbye dear Elizabeth, (Jan. 2014)
That's what I thought! And I enjoyed your stories and later on from your site.
That looks very good, and what the world is still beautiful together!
And so many people are not bewust.Gelukkig we note also that a turnaround is underway. You definitely! It must be wonderful to work and so successfully in this way.
I carry you still have a warm heart and wish you well.
Until next contact!
Hello Marianne (Feb. 2014)
Thanks for your e-mail.
Thanks again yesterday have had a healing with my mother. We all notice a difference and that is certainly very fine! I'm doing everything right. I notice that I'm better in my head to say so here and make me less crowded. I see what is going to come my way and see that confidence tegemoet.Wat much that will give you a workshop again. I would like to be there but should see if they will succeed, because I have are already two (work) appointments in the calendar for that day. I'll let you know!
I contact you again soon as a call-appointment.
Have a nice day and greetings!
Various experiences of our customers with our products
 Protect HarmonizerChakra Balance
Happiness Harmonizer Kaars

May 2011 Hello and Marianne Liesbeth
As promised my experiences to you.
I struggled since 2007 metr kinds of radiation-related complaints. This was expressed in heart rhythm disorders, swallowing problems, anxiety, eczema, fatigue, dizziness, always sore legs, lower back pain and very dry mouth.
After I had gone through the whole hospital project was the overall "no, there is nothing wrong with you!" Would I then invent? I ended up in the alternative circuit and after someone had walked through the house with a divining rod, I knew it; sensitive and hypersensitive to radiation. A device is placed to ensure that I could earthen good home because there continues to seen on water vein under our house.
I was treated by an acupuncturist, all with great success. I recovered after a long period of slow and took protection in the form of - dissolved in water - ions for the road and at work (the library). It continued to make choices, after having been somewhere else I really had to rest and recover and rest at home. There had to be something else? Life was very limited so. Until this spring 2011. I got through a friend handed your article from the Stentor, of all things near us. My husband and I went to the lecture on "Geertien" Marianne and immediately noticed that I was sensitive. A lot has happened after that night. I now wear a protect Harmonizer (tube) with me and Chakra tube and it felt from the first day very well.
At home we have the Happiness Harmonizer stand for relaxation and short sind Schuman I have a generator for the earth frequency so I'm everywhere grounded This added the tip, easy to carry and even at home much better.
I've had during illness by telephone healings Marianne, I have not felt in years as well! Now I can go anywhere without being sick or tired. I feel very happy with me.
Elizabeth and Marianne, how glad I am that friend gave me that article!
Thanks, I'm glad I met you
Dear Elizabeth and Marian,
Thanks for the Harmonizer protect. Mem has just created a choir, so I can always wear it. We are pleased with the cattle generators, now protects the entire house. It was just a step back but again two steps forward. If we need you, we pull back on the bubble.
Oant shen and greetings from Hommerts

    Protect Harmonizer (klein)
dear Liesbeth
Mark and I sit on the couch and enjoy after a wonderful day. We benefit enormously from Thijmen and the baby in my belly. Thijmen has been resting after healing and also we give him the Feeling Well droplets. He is sweet and mischievous. Today in the snow was a gift. Hope it goes well with you and the nice plans!
Love from Mark and Susanne Pouw.
June 2012 Poem Ms Spieker an elderly woman
The miracle candle ... (Harmonizer Happiness, Candle)
The miracle candle in hand
Travel Liesbeth and Marianne throughout the country
So they visit farms and help
They return to the milking of cows
Also, calves are born again
With beautiful legs and ears
For example, along one goes to bed
And will put the alarm clock
I put it on my belly
And a moment later you hear the sound
start working the stomach and intestines
Thus one is going to think positive again
He also heals wounds on arms
Oh what shall we embrace him!
He also handles the food
So that we do not sweat
The children are not forgotten
Because they can then back out to play
Then we take the candle out
So also begin to sing again and the birds whistling
Best wishes and much love,
Ms Spieker
August 2012 Dear Elizabeth,
I hope you had a wonderful weekend! With us, the sun shines. I do not know if it's the healing last Friday, or the pills or the Inner Peace Amulet and maybe it's a combination of everything, but I feel happy again completely myself. Floris is also very good. He has more peace and his tummy rumbles anymore. I want to thank very much for your support and that you are always there for us. Really so fine. I enjoy our little chaps and have the peace that I have found necessary. Floris now sleep much better. With me in my arms or Mark, sometimes in his bed and that's all good. Again thank you so much. I have just the money remitted to you and made a donation to the foundation "it Brings Heaven Foundation".
I wish you a very happy day.
Lots of love Suus

Innerpeace AmuletInner Peace Amulet

September 2012 Dear all,
My name is Alex and I have the disease of schizophrenia, I see very little more. Thanks to the tubes and generators I'm totally balanced, I've never been so calm and happy.
I use the tube chakra balancing, ordinary zapper, the feelgood generator, kidney herbal tea, protect harmonizer and I also use the detox combination generator. Also, I do also much mindfulness and healthy food and drink plenty of water.
The tubes of the Violet Ocean I like the most. Furthermore, I can now myself keeping my household, I'm not suspicious and healthy eating I can very well tolerated. The tubes let me not so easily carried away by more negativity of others. Furthermore, I can better listen to my feelings instead of her listening to the learned thinking.
Liesbeth and Marianne thank you for the dedicated help over the phone.
May all beings be happy.
Feel Good Generator 2013 Normaal

Feel God Generator.
October 2013 Dear Liesbeth
I wanted you to still know that we are very happy with the Happy Feeling scoop at Romeyn in his room. Thanks for your tips and help.
Love Marlene from Leusden.
October 2013 Dear Liesbeth
About three years ago I first came into contact Liesbeth. That first conversation I never forget, many would follow. About the various things we talk to each other, heavenly and earthly. Liesbeth knows that connect so beautifully together. Nothing exciting, nothing complicated.
With very ordinary jip and Jannke language also helps them to understand my daughter what she sees and feels but do not always understand. Liestbeth reassures and gives strength and light.

The one time I met her I was just such a special experience. As if I suddenly came home to my mother Ur. Such a loving, safe, protective and warm appearance.
And those hands :-)
Elizabeth is a very talented woman.
Very earthy, very primal very ordinary and special
Tineke Kuipers

September 2013 Good morning Elizabeth and Marianne
Everything okay with you?
Just a quick note for you Tuk it's already September 2013, time flies so fast! It goes very well with me, am finally coming into my own energy and I found a piece of tranquility. Lately I've been really looking at what fits in nutrition is and not me. What diet concerns, I finally changed, We do not drink coffee ,much more green tea etc. But I feel there is absolutely prime and energetic in!
Lactose I use no more and that feels really good because I very sensitive mucous membrane ,did and now I use no nasal spray more (even mess) I'm still very pleased with the tubes and especially the Schumann cabinet this helps enormously if I agree here must be grounded if I forget to take it by mistake when I Steenwijk then I'll really mouth off again at home, of course I take my big friend Schumann then right at me and am so recharged. Jan and I have again been lovely to Terschelling 2 weeks, especially on the boat I feel comfortable with the Schumann. The silver ointment ladies :-) (as we call it) is taken successfully in hand with every ailment and of course not forgetting the silber  colloidaal.
Ladies cordial greetings from the lovely Tuk.
Tjallie and Jan.

Colloidaal zilver Essence 1000 ml.

Experiences on farms
Ranch "Heartland" uses the Mountain Light. The Mountain Light is a high frequency light that contributes to the health and prosperity of the cows. Besides these lamps used by countless other products Violet Ocean therefore there is no longer needed antibiotics and saves the high vet expenses.

Animals treated with the Multi Wave Oscillator
Rife tube in combination with Lahkovsky antennas.
Rife tube and Lakhovsky antennas may be used both separately and combined.
This picture shows how patient "cat" while being treated with the Rife tube and Lakhovsky antennas Violet Ocean. These devices have collectively more powerful effect
in that during broadcasting, the frequencies complement each other. A treat for the body.


The therapists fit the suppressor
and regenerating supporting devices
Violet Ocean far.
The energetic treatment with MWO starts during the consultation. MWO Rife tube combination is already on and ensures relaxation in both humans and animals. In addition to the relaxation, it is also already contributes to a
healing promoting treatment in that the emitting a broad spectrum of frequencies of healing. In the picture you can see how even stressful birds, like this parrot, remain very relaxed during the physical examination.
Rife tube in cowshed.
The so-called Rife tube is a glass sphere filled with helium gas and a negative and positive pole. When this tube is connected to the Multi Wave Oscillator (MWO) finds
there is a discharge takes place between the two poles and send it a broad spectrum of frequencies
out. This bulb can be used well in a
stable because it has a range of 25m.
This makes it possible to simultaneously all the animals in a stall a relaxing and healing
-enhancing treatment to give.
argon gas lamp
Parrot treated with Argon gas lamp. Also, with the combination of the argon gas lamp, and a cushion, it is possible to treat an animal, at least as it allows the animal without stress. The light can be well used for lighting all kinds of pains. The energy carried by light, bombarding the cells with billions of electrons and thereby raises nerve blockades, stimulates blood circulation and destroys bacteria.
Bunny for printed circuit board
This bunny "Flappie" with respiratory problems remains during the Christmas stress the splash plate. It gives a sense of relief because he can breathe freely again after treatment.
2x per week flappie treated in this way. He is supported by bioresonance.
Calf between Lakhovsky antennas.
On both sides of the calf is an Lakhovsky antenna which is made of toned rings. The rings are thus actually a musical instrument that emit a wide variety of (non-audible) frequency. By taking place between the antennas of the cells of the body from the frequencies produced offered which can pick up that they need. Because cells regain the right frequency can act healing. These rings are suitable for individual treatment and work very vigorously.
Calf for printed circuit board
The board is ideal for treating animals that have problems with their airways. The circuit board is connected to the Multi Wave Oscillator and thus creates all sparks and crackling sound coming from the plate. Therefore, this sheet is also referred to as the spark disk or splash plate. this also is ozone free.
Ozone has a disinfecting effect this
plate is also very well be used on pets
and humans.
Treatment of horses with the Multi Wave Oscillator
Violet Ocean meets regularly on site to work on problems in humans and animals. There are also very good results in the treatment of horses with the Multi Wave Oscillator. About this soon.