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The power of the heart
Let your heart be your guide.
Written by Baptist De Pape
A beautiful heart book, gift for yourself or for a loved one
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A parrot flies over the IJsselmeer.
This is a book written by a former refugee.
He describes how truly hospitable Netherlands.
The writer is: Kader Abdolah
We want to share a beautiful text with you.
It's from a book by Marcel Brass, Pliable like reeds.

And great peace descended.

When the great peace fell
from the vast heavens
on mother earth down.
And light and love
tore the curtain of darkness and hatred.

From the North
radiated justice and solidarity,
from the south
compassion and affection,
from the east
wisdom and truth
from the west
power and glory.

The vine of the living law
was replanted of people in the garden
to happiness and peace of all creatures.

And the weary shores of the tortured earth
were inundated by waves of joy.
In the fields of suffering and sorrow
were pulled ahead of love
in order to receive the seed of truth
and bring thousandfold flourish.

And the divine fire was in the hearts
of all people inflamed,
became a blaze of love and happiness.

The children of the earth
farewell on behalf of their weapons,
restored forests and woodlands,
purified air and water,
healed the earth of her pain.

The great peace spread her hands
full barhartigheid out
over all the earth,
wiped with a finger all the way past
and wrote with tender words of love:
....... peace peace peace ..... .........

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7 Tips on how you can suffer less from radiation.

1 Dect phone replace a phone with a cord.
2 Wireless baby monitor is replaced by a baby monitor on a string.
3 Mobile phone as little as possible to help you.
4 Mobile phone in the bedroom, and certainly not as an alarm clock.
5 Microwave the plug
   Microwave oven remove the fuse from the microwave.
6 IPad names for small children as possible.
7 Turn on the night from all Wifi.

Try these seven tips and see if it gives peace.
Unfortunately, it became clear to us that all this is not sufficient.
Our products prove this to give much rest.
O.A. the Schumann Generator and Happiness Harmonizer, again ensures peace and balance in your home

"What it does, both positive and negative."
Meanwhile, almost everyone is convinced that electromagnetic radiation from earth radiation, dectelefoons, wifi, cell towers, water beds, power lines and anything else that wireless is sometimes could be very stressful for humans, animals and plants. Remember that the day and night stimulates the nervous system. Many people and animals are hypersensitive concern. This translates to begin in a lot of unrest and poor sleep. I myself have measured the years with special measuring equipment to determine what was going on. I am stopped by the fear that all the humming and beeping noises, caused by the measuring equipment gave even more stress than they dared hardly live more in the houses!

What our company, Violet Ocean, has developed its special wave energy products. For many this may sound woolly or too easy, but what it does in practice is the energy of left turning negative let go clockwise positive. We lay out the often simple, people often can not stand yogurt (counterclockwise) but at biogarde (right-handed) and yet it is the product hetzelfde.Zo also that with our special pipes, now many people make use of it. The tubes, there are also for animals such as cows and horses, to be used in the stables. Certainly horses are very sensitive to straling.Wij are very happy with these results.

Furthermore, we also set up a generator in Schumann, this is the ground frequency. See articles and filmpje.Hier various studies and examples.

The following list of possible diseases caused by electromagnetic fields largely based on a study by Manfred Fritsch, initiator of the Arbeitskreis zur Fördering of giftfreien und gesunden Wohnens and founder of the Institut für Anwendungen baubiologische Fell back to Germany.

The list in alphabetical order:
• general feeling of uneasiness • miscarriages
• allergies, including hay fever • malformation of fetus
• depression • nervousness
• eczema • irritability
• headaches • rheumatism
• cancer • insomnia
• leukemia • disorders of the heart and circulatory
• gastrointestinal disturbances • Fatigue

Although there are already 1969 of the dangers associated with electricity and transmitters has been warned, the harmfulness of all sources related to electricity and channels have more or less scientifically discovered by chance in 1979. See study of Wertheimer and Leeper. By interested industry has long held back that was well done scientific investigation into the phenomena. Still, much material has become available. In recent years, research mainly focuses on the potential harmfulness of GSM and UMTS transmitters. Here is becoming more and more disturbing material available.
A bridging science

The science that we call geobiology, was created to bridge the gap between ancient knowledge and his - often lost or forgotten - intuitive knowledge and the latest scientific studies. On the one hand, they examine the phenomena about which science has for centuries hesitant silence; on the other hand makes use them there van.Het some of which could be discussed is perhaps her name. It has been her "medicine of habitat" because of the importance it attaches to the home, building materials, good or bad (healthy or unhealthy) position, but also because they also include explaining why our home can cause the most of our illnesses and teaches us how we can fix. We might, if we had built our house a few meters to the right or to the left, the harmful earth rays have avoided that now runs right through. Or we would never have come to live here if we had given to the high-voltage cable which is now running at twenty meters from our window and can cause nerve disorders. And there may indeed our houses endless mistakes, as a result of economic and speculative interests of builders, by their lack of knowledge, or by our own ignorance. Mistakes that we have to pay back expensive, because the price is the deterioration of our physical and mental health.
The geobiology owes its name to the fact that they initially put the emphasis on the study of the relationship between living beings - especially humans - and the energies emanating from the earth. But researchers soon discovered that our health not only disturbed and affected by natural radiation from the earth, but also by a long series of factors that gradually emerge as real enemies to public health: artificial electric pollution, synthetic fibers, certain building materials, radioactive elements, and so on. This makes the geobiology slowly but surely become an increasingly complex science and even the term kosmogeobiologie, which she also referred to when we talk about the study of cosmic forces and stralingen.Wij will not pretend that this is so in one hundred percent of the cases because, as we shall see, there are people that these energies can tolerate well. But, in general, the effects of a long-term stay in the disturbed sites, which will be described, dramatic. And that often involves something so extraordinarily easy to avoid once one of the risks is aware, it would be foolish to feel the negative effects by mere ignorance.

Nature observation
we find in other, simpler cultures use a series that make it possible to exploit the benefits of healthy places and avoid harmful or geopathogenenic places. Many of which use the result of observation of some natural phenomena and especially the reactions of animals in the wild or in semi-captivity leven.Sommige nomadic tribes from the Middle East for example, set the evening up camp at the place where their dogs lie down to sleep. They know that the animals are very sensitive to the earth rays and they look for the best spots. In such a simple way of ensuring the nomads from a refreshing sleep after the tiring reisdag.Het is known that the Romans, after they had chosen the location for the city that they wanted to establish, its circumference marked and their flock of sheep over a grazed year within that area. Later, when they slaughtered their animals, they studied the entrails, especially the liver if it looked healthy, the city was built at the chosen location; as he was unhealthy or deformed, another place gezocht.Maar the most amazing thing was is perhaps the feeling that people have lost all: that instinct with which we can see the behavior of some animals that are approaching catastrophes, such as earthquakes. This was so common that the facts are overwhelming. Rats, weasels and other rodents left as possessed Hélicéa the Greek city before it was destroyed. In 1835 appeared huge flocks of seabirds, who kept screaming over the Chilean city of Concepción, as if to warn her of the great disaster that would soon destroy the city. And then the incessant howling of the dogs, which preceded knew the San Francisco earthquake in 1906.Onze for parents to observe these instructions and learn from nature. Unfortunately we alienate more and more of nature ... and that will cost us dearly.

And livestock farms
At the beginning of the story we saw how the animals in the wild or in semi-captivity, the healthy areas can distinguish pathogenic and aggressive zones and how their feelings through the long evolution of the species around, alert and responsive remained the weak changes of the cosmic and earthly energies. Each animal takes the radiation of the ground, the ionization, the high or low air pressure and the electromagnetic energies in different ways true. The animals have learned over time and experience to interpret this as a positive or negative signals. To this we must add that this information is genetically from generation to generation: the experience of some animals their afstammelingen.Het problem should emerges as human animals that used to live in complete freedom and moved one place to another, to looking for grazing, water and strategic areas on which they would against their natural enemies, as pets can survive and defend themselves go houden.Waren the animals used to be able to protect themselves against natural disasters because they change the earth energies that precede catastrophes could see, now they are as pets, locked required to sit or grazing long time adverse and aggressive zones.Uit experience we know that in horses, sheep, cows and pigs - all animals are very sensitive to the telluric energies - particular symptoms are observed as they are constantly exposed to these energies, without being able to escape it. Allow us to explain three significant cases.
A dairy in Vinarós
Once the cattle are moved to the new facility, which has a metal frame and a corrugated roof and stands 20 meters from a high voltage cable, the cows give less milk suddenly. Shortly thereafter, the animals die in succession (acute pneumonia), without sorting the treatments of the veterinarian effect. The problem could be partially solved by the metal frame and roof to aarden.Laten we remember that the cows that graze freely in the pastures, not long remain in the same place and that, if they do so, the place choose well.

The case of the dead dekstier

Much to the chagrin of a friendly farmer, his magnificent dekstier, which was definitely worth a fortune, ill inexplicably. After some e complications and a significant pneumonia died the animal, despite the heavy dose of antibiotics were administered to him. Since the problem could be a result of the whereabouts of the sire, I researched the place and it surprised me to find anything negative. After I had checked a few things, the farmer pointed out to me that the animal normally stood in a different place of the house. On examination we saw that this place coinciding with a zone that I had identified as geopathogeen because it was perpendicular to a strong underground water vein that ran at 100 meters depth. This surprised my friend, because when years ago he followed the instructions of a dowser, he had dug a pit about 20 meters away which now provided him with irrigation water. Then he thought about the facts, brightened his whole face: "Now I understand! - He exclaimed. The cows that I always keep it leaner in that area than others and that while they eat more. She never let anything stand in the food that we give them, the others always have too much. With the naked eye we saw some animals sadder appeared and had a colorless coat in comparison to the others who are healthy uitzagen.Dit corresponds to the investigations carried out were in pig farms in Germany, where, after examining more than 60,000 pigs found that ate the pigs stayed on unhealthy areas up to 70% more food and were as thick as the others. Similar studies were conducted with cows, showed that the cows stayed on disturbed areas, gave less milk than their peers, although they were given the same food. They were previously ill and miscarriages were more common.
The sick foal
Horses are even more sensitive than other animals. A good friend bought a young foal and as a shelter for the animal he built a shed behind the house. But he had the bad luck that there was a manhole and a small water flow crosswise under the already unhealthy place by walking. A few months later began the colt, which had arrived full of vitality, languishing; coughed the strange and the vet found bronchial congestion. No treatment were successful and finally had my friend to return the animal to the previous owner so it would not die.
A dog and a cat in the house is like a telluric indicator.Wij are not as sensitive to the energies geopathogenenic if the dog can use it also to determine the healthiest places: will our best suited his favorite spots in the house be able to stay there longer time and also to place our bed. The other extreme is the cat, an enigmatic and subtle animal that loads at points where the energies that are harmful to us, are bundled. So they will give us, as they have free access to the entire house, indicate the places we should avoid: these are the places where they most of the time doorbrengt.Er are exceptions, such as hot spots next to the stove and even feeling factors a role, such as the relationship with the boss and the members of the family. There are even dogs and cats sleeping peacefully together; but this invalidates the above niet.De cat is an animal that is very fond of his freedom, an animal which chooses its appropriate place. With a dog we usually commit the mistake of placing it in or rule in a place that is unhealthy for him, allowing him to languish in a short time; He has no appetite, "cries at night and get sick.
Learn to be sensitive
In the beginning it is difficult, to be sensitive to some subtle energies unknown to many and totally unclear point.The problem may be that too many impressions to process our body gets coming from outside - noise, hurry, worry ,,, - which we do not relax and alert zijn.Met a little patience and attention, we are, however, sensitive to energies and radiations that are always unnoticed past us gegaan.Misschien we have ever felt something special, such as chills, cold, strange and perspiration even fear as we went into a place or home, but we might not pay attention, because it did not seem important or because we could give a futile explanation for it. Some of these symptoms are often observed in individuals who they perceive around are aggressive telluric radiations and some seeking dowsers to water when the underground water vein lopen.Als us feel relaxed and are willing to put all prejudices aside , so we are open to any of the feelings outside or inside our body, we will quietly through the house or on a free field can run with all our feeling alert. If we pay attention, we will find that the feelings in every place, in every corner, with distances between the places of even just one meter, are different: we will find warmer places and others we find cold; places that oppress us and we might have instinctively often shunned.

Carlo Castaneda describes in his book Don Juan lessons how he gets this advice after several trials, "And find your place ..." .It is easier to do than to explain. Therefore I advise you to try it. It does not always work right away, because we are not very sensitive. But it's really worth it to try it out and turn until it succeeds. Then they will rapidly progress maken.Kleine children are much more sensitive than us, and they cry (or assembling,) night therefore often if their crib is wrong. Tests taken with young children, who are warmly dressed and allowed to sleep on a big mattress, have shown that they are going to be different and always end up sleeping on the healthiest place. You will understand that it is a huge mistake to bind children to their crib so that they'll lie down at night otherwise ... Healthy living is a prerequisite to enjoy a physical and emotional balance. We are very dependent on the circumstances and it is not always easy to find a place suitable to live; that's right. Let us not forget that part of our happiness depends on it. When we live healthy, we will inconvenience many problems and save money for doctors and medicines.
Therefore, it is as fine as you can use the wave energy products and bio-resonance devices Violet Ocean.Dit gives tranquility where you longing for. Your home, office, farm etc. is another place where it is nice to stay.
Source: Maria Buena - Interference fields in our house.
Dr. Ir. Michael Haas - Electro Stress and health impact of electricity and channels.