We regularly organize various health days, workshops and lectures.

Happy Feeling day, what can you expect from us.

These special days are an enrichment and a gift for, any person who grants it.
Or you can give the gift of a boyfriend / girlfriend, or family.
All in coming within the party starts, coffee or tea with apple pie.

If everyone inside and found a spot, we welcome everyone.

Marianne then playing the guitar some pretty inspiring songs.

Liesbeth guided us with beautiful meditations.

All this gives a lot of relaxation and then naturally people are going to share things about themselves.
This gives a lot of recognition to each other, some tell a lot and others very little.
It does not matter, everything is good, you can just be yourself.

The fun is an issue we never come up, resulting spot!

Leny Moolhuizen there is also that day, she makes intinief a drawing for those who want it.
These drawings give you strength and inspiration.
For these drawings you can do sums for the foundation.
It Brings Heaven Foundation.

With this money we can help others with it, who can use it very well.
{For more information, look at the foundation}

At lunchtime there is very extensive vegetarian luch, with something for everyone.
{If someone has a special diet, let us know}.

After luch we continue with music and meditation.
People can also go sign with a group at Leny.
Marianne writes for those who want a poem, it passes from the outer
energy. This can be a support for a person.

Furthermore, if there are any questions, we answer them gladly.
Our products we naturally carry and, if necessary, we explain what it is doing etc.

All in all a very varied day.
Where you can share what you want and also very important, you can be yourself.

We would like to welcome you on this day.

The cost for this day; 60 euros per person

This includes coffee / tea apple pie lunch etc.

Happy Feeling day given by: Violet Ocean

Place: Hotel / Restaurant Geertien
                                                                 www.geertien .com
                                                                 muggebeet 3
                                                                 8356VK Blokzijl